This Gin Pong Is The Ultimate Drinking Game For All Gin Lovers

Like beer pong, but with gin!!!

Take My Money: 🍸🏓 🍸🏓 🍸🏓 🍸🏓 8/10

Hold my G&T. My jaw is dropping.

Gin Pong is officially a thing, and if you’re a hardcore gin lover or you know a hardcore gin lover, you need to get this immediately.

After traditional beer pong and snazzy prosecco pong, Getting Personal is selling gin pong. That’s right – the university drinking game favourite, with a new boozy twist. In essence, the game has the same rules as with beer or prosecco, except it’s better, because gin.

The game set comes with 12 classy gin tumblers and four ping pong balls, and all you have to do is fill up each cup with your favourite gin and get chugging.

(But maybe don’t go too hard on the chugging – gin has A LOT more alcohol per volume than beer!)

All images via Getting Personal

Whether as a pregame to a night out, a house party, or a cheeky Sunday eve activity, get gin pong over on Getting Personal for £13.99 per set.

And let the games be-gin.