The World’s First Gin Spa Has Opened And It Sounds Gincredible

That’s ‘incredible’ with GIN

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There’s nothing like a good drink after a long hard day, and there’s nothing like a good ol’ spa sesh to relax and unwind.

Putting two and two together, a world first gin spa has opened in Scotland, combining cocktails with wellness, and gin with jacuzzis.

Let the relaxation beGIN, am I right?

Known as ‘The Gin Spa’, the hot new Glasgow venture is offering spa treatments themed around the popular spirit, with a clear focus on the botanicals found within it. The website states, “Gin Spa is the very first botanically inspired day spa in the world, and offers visitors a truly unique experience.”

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The snazzy experience is tailored to suit your current mood, with varying packages dependent on whether you’re seeking happiness, tranquility, or a gin-filled detox. All the regular spa favourites are available, from massages and facials over to nails, each infused with a special gin-y touch. Some of the manicure/pedicure procedures involve sipping a gin cocktail while the nail technician gets to work, whilst the massages begin with a juniper foot soak. After treatment, all guests are also served a complimentary gin and tonic, because of course.

All images cr: The Gin Spa

Perfect for a girls (or a lads) weekend, or just a refreshing way to de-stress, it’s the spa treatment with a certain ~gin~ ne sais quois. 😉

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Open daily from Wednesday to Sunday, find out more over on the gin spa website, and get sippin’ (and chillaxin’).


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