Is This Gin Tonic Jam The Most British Thing To Have For Breakfast?

The makers advise that it tastes especially good with cucumber sandwiches

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We were already tripping pretty hard when we found out Gin & Tonic Tea was a thing. Then a Gin-themed Spa opened and we went crazy for boozy massages. THEN gin pong graced our we three beer pong out the window and NOW…

Gin tonic jam, ladies and gentlemen.

Gin tonic jam is officially a thing, made by U.K. grocery store Firebox. Combining all the goodness of a classic gin and tonic cocktail repackaged, updated, and revamped for toast in the mornings, it’s quite possibly the most British way to have breakfast.

This, with a hot cuppa tea.

Cr: Firebox

Known as ‘Spreadable Gin’ the gin tonic jam (which actually goes by the far swankier term of ‘marmalade’) is made using sugar, lemon, gin, quinine extract (from tonic water), and citric acid. Truly, it’s your favourite afternoon sip in jelly form.

However, if you’re wary and worried to devour more than a little of the stuff in the mornings – do not fear. Whilst the jam does contain gin, we’re assured that most of it is cooked off during production. This means that you could actually spoon out the entire jar in one sitting (yknow, if you wanted to) without getting too tipsy.

Whilst this does sound tempting, Firebox states that the spreadable gin can also be used for baking, and advise that the jam tastes particularly good in a cucumber sandwich.

Honestly, it doesn’t get more British than that.

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Certainly an intriguing addition to the breakfast table, get yours over on the Firebox website for £10 a jar. Cheers!

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