Gin Tonic Tea Is Quite Possibly The Most British Thing To Exist

Teabags filled with Gin and Tonic flavoured tea!

Take My Money: 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 8/10

Guys, I think, I think we’ve found it.

We’ve found the British thing to top all British things and express utmost Britishness and hit the British nail right on the British head. And it’s as weird and wonderful as you may expect.

Three words: Gin Tonic Tea.


That’s right – the iconic Fortnum & Mason (no less!) is selling silky gin and tonic teabags that taste as refreshing and ravishing as an actual gin and tonic itself, and come as a perfect replacement (or accompaniment?) for the beloved British beverage.

Consisting of a combination of green tea with juniper berries, the gin tonic tea is infused with coriander, fennel, and lemon balm botanicals. It reads as beautifully as a swanky G&T from an upscale bar.

Cr: Fortnum & Mason

However, before you go rushing down to Piccadilly – there’s just one small catch (there HAD to be, cmon now). The suave little teabags don’t actually contain any alcohol. According to the F&M website, it’s ‘a G&T without the consequences,’ which, in essence, is a good thing.

Cr: Fortnum & Mason

Think – waking up and enjoying a guilt-free cuppa. Having a nightly night(tea)cap without a headache the next morning. De-stressing at work with a soothing mug of the stuff.

Life is about to get so good.

(And if you’re still missing the booze – you can always add some right in.)

Cr: Fortnum & Mason

Available from the Fortnum and Mason website and in store, each box is priced at £6.95 and comes with 15 teabags. There’s also a Bloody Mary version, and a Summer Cocktail version.

Because let’s face it, tea is great. But alcohol and tea is much, much greater. 

Who wants a sip?