If You Have A Girlfriend or Wife, You’ll Relate To These Hilarious Viral Comics

Artist draws what everyday life is like with his wife, and people are cracking up and nodding along

If you’ve ever had your GF wake you when she couldn’t sleep at night, or shock you with her freakishly cold feet, come right along. You’re about to relate so hard.

Graphic design duo Yehuda Adi Devir and Maya are giving anyone who has a girlfriend or wife a cheekily illustrated reality bite.

Wake uuuuuppppp

The husband and wife have depicted a comic series which has since gone viral due to its hilarious relatability and humble honesty. Using their real life experience as inspiration for the comics, Tel-Aviv-based illustrator Yehude Adi Devir shows the world what his daily life with wife Maya is really like.

Devir’s bigger-and-better than life sketches are famed and have featured in several posters, magazines, clothing, as well as comic and character design. The series featuring his wife however, is really making people chuckle.

From sleepless nights to play fights, take a look at Devir’s witty drawings below. You’re going to relate to a scene or two.

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h/t: DesignTaxi