This Glass Bridge Is Designed To Look Cracked, And It’s So Freaky

A video has gone viral of a man tripping on the glass floor, with cracks appearing ‘on purpose’

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Do you consider yourself a bit of a thrill-seeker?

Then it’s time to head on over to a terrifying walkway over on the eastern face of the Taihang Mountain in Hebei, China, where a glass bridge is causing serious hysteria by displaying cracks as you walk across it.

It’s safe, though. Apparently.

Let’s explain – this weekend a video has gone viral of a man walking across a glass bridge in China, which coincidentally also hangs 1,1180 metres above sea level, when suddenly he stumbles and falls onto the glass, and a series of freaky AF cracks appear and spread on the ground where he has fallen.

The video was posted to a Chinese social media site, and was since shared hundreds of thousands of times. Take a look below:

Yet what seems deeply terrifying and alarming (!!!) is actually not even real (???), as the glass bridge has apparently been built with this special ~effect~ to freak the frick out of people. On purpose.

According to Mashable, the East Taihang district administration sent out an official apology on WeChat, explaining that the glass cracks are an “effect” to make the walkway more “provocative.” They stated that designers specifically placed shattered glass fragments into one of the layers in certain parts of the bridge, and that this would cause an effect of hearing glass breaking as you walk.

Hmm… fun…

Cr: East Taihang District/WeChat

And yet whilst those in charge were “very sorry that people got frightened,” the haunting shattered glass panels won’t be removed any time soon. In fact, it is believed they will drive even more people to come and experience them. Yknow, to take part in that anxiety-inducing joy.

Cr: East Taihang District/WeChat

Although ‘joy’ may not be the right word here. Whilst many of those who watched the clip were relieved to find all those on the bridge are safe and sound, many also expressed their deep concern for the future. Several Weibo users pointed out that whilst the effect is a mere simulation, the risks of triggering a heart or panic attack are still very, very real.

Between reality and illusion, and make-belief and confusion, would you go for a walk on this glass bridge?

h/t: Mashable