Ideal For Midnight Snacking, This Bakery Makes Glow In The Dark Doughnuts

They’re called ‘glownuts’ and they’re very enlightening

If you’re tired of that tell-tale fridge lamp or using your iPhone flashlight to rummage around the kitchen at night for a snack, this is for you.

Glow in the dark doughnuts are a thing. And midnight snacking just got SO much better. And illuminated.


Australia’s Black Star Pastry had their light bulb idea moment and have created a series of glow in the dark doughnuts. And they called them ‘glownuts’ (brilliant).

Made using regular non-glowing doughnuts, these are topped with a special yuzu icing that gives the sweet treats that special night-time glow. Whilst they do look a little intergalactic and potentially radioactive (!), Black Star Pastry founder Christopher Te has reassured that it’s the mere effect of the Vitamin B in the icing. No artificial dyes or additives have been used.

So it’s sorrrrrrta healthy too. Take that celery sticks! Double win!

Glownut Partay!

Te tells Daily Mail Australia, “We thought it would be fun to see people with glow-in-the-dark icing all over their hands and faces, so doughnuts were the natural choice.”

And how right he is. The glow in the dark doughnuts are not just a delicious bite by day, but certainly amp up the snack game by night. If doughnuts aren’t your thing, there’s also glowing cake, doughnut balls, and even glowing white chocolate and honey drinks.

Make it Halloween everyday

It’s as incredible as snacking comes, and makes for a perfect excuse to hop to the kitchen at night. Dining in the dark just got a whole lot sweeter.

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