These Glowing Cactus Lamps Are All Pricks And No Pain

The lamps project cactus shapes onto walls for some very artsy interior decor

If you’ve been searching for a way to make your home look more sharp, this is it.

Cactus lamps are quite possibly the coolest mashup of succulent and light. Designed by Chen Bikovski, the friendly house lamps provide all the brightness without any of the thorns. And they look very snazzy too.

You see, unlike regular cacti, these creative cacti are actually mere light projections. You switch them on and they shine their succulent-like-light onto the wall above them. It’s a bit like shadow and light play. Except, like, the millennial adult version.

It’s also the perfect ~plant~ for anyone who can’t take care of plants. Yeah, not even a cactus.

To anyone who wakes up in the middle of the night in the darkness alone and afraid of tripping and stumbling into your cactus, this is your calling. Take a look through some of these cactus lamps below, and save them under seriously cute home inspo.

All images cr: PopUpLighting

Get yours over on the Pop Up Lighting website, and get ready to switch on a garden.