Gordon Ramsay Criticises Your Cooking On This Hilarious App

In case you’ve ever wanted the famous chef to roast your roast, this is for you

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be an Idiot Sandwich, here is your chance.

Gordon Ramsay has released a cooking game, and yes, it’s filled with all the famed “Gordonisms” we all know and love (and fear) him for.

Cr: afternoonsnoozebutton.com

Named ‘Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay’ the mobile app comes as a result of somewhat a trend. For the past weeks countless people have been tweeting at the Michelin starred chef, asking him to criticise their cooking. Needless to say, he delivered in true Gordon Ramsay style.

The game presents a similar situation. Travelling the world and cooking your way to success against a group of chefs, players can expect to be hit with witty comments and vivid cursing as they progress (or fail) at each level. The aim is to build a culinary empire, or, if you’re a true savage, get hit by as many “Gordonisms” as possible.

Cr: Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay/Glu Mobile

There are also duels with Ramsay himself or other fellow chefs, and you can even compete in group activities too. It’s a far cry from MasterChef or Hell’s Kitchen, but it’s probably as close as we’ll get to it from microwavable mac n’ cheese and pre-packed sandwiches.

It’s quite possibly the most fun you’ll ever have whilst being continuously creatively insulted.

Get the game here, and get ready for your roast to be roasted.

h/t: Designtaxi