Black Pizza Is A Thing For Anyone Looking For A Goth Pizza Slice

Is this what Wednesday Adams would have for lunch?

Black is definitely the new black right now. From Charcoal Lattes over to Charcoal Ice Cream, people are infusing food and drink with black colour. Yknow, to match their black hearts I guess.

It should come as no surprise then, that goth pizza is now a thing. And as with all trendy black food items – it looks oddly mouthwatering.

Cr: Michael Tulipan/Refinery29

For anyone who is not a dessert or coffee person (you’re a rare breed), Olivella restaurant in New Jersey is serving up charcoal-infused pizza. And if you’re not a pizza person (what is wrong with you, seriously), there’s also inky black pasta and mozzarella.

That’s right – the goth trend has crept on over to the delicious Italian side.

Cr: Michael Tulipan/Refinery29

The recipes at Olivella took over six months to develop, finding the best ways to allow the charcoal to activate and release those beneficial detoxing effects. For pizza and pasta, the charcoal is combined with other ingredients to activate while cooking through the heat of oven, boiling water, or stove top. In some way, it’s perfectly fitting that a goth pizza needs to bubble up under fire in a pizza oven first, before truly becoming a goth pizza.

Okay this pizza party looks amazing

Of course, any true Italian food aficionado will tell you that black food isn’t only a 2017 trend. People in Southern Europe have been cooking with squid ink for centuries, but charcoal is certainly a fun new addition. It doesn’t truly alter the taste, and reportedly has several health benefits. Furthermore, it’ll definitely get you plenty likes on the old ‘gram.

Who said you couldn’t go on a charcoal cleanse and eat trendy goth pizza while you do it?

h/t: Refinery29