Grasshopper Tacos Are The Crispiest Snack You Can Eat (If You’re Brave Enough)

Crunchy creepy crawlies and Guac.

Get In My Belly: 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 5/10

In the mood for a little adventure?

If regular tacos are becoming too mundane for you, New York City’s Toloache is serving up an exciting alternative, sure to give your tastebuds a wild fiesta in your mouth, and your Instagram followers a drop of the jaw.

The Mexican eatery is making beautifully bugging grasshopper tacos – made with real grasshoppers for an extra crunch.

Yums on Yums on Yums

Certainly not for the faint hearted, the ‘chapulines tacos’ contain grasshoppers sautéed in onions and jalapeño, served on top of guacamole and with tomatillo salsa. Described as ‘Mexican Popcorn’ (love it), the crispy hoppers are imported all the way from Oaxaca in Mexico, where they are actually a very popular snack.

Greetings, grasshoppers!

Said to be a combination of crisp and creamy textures, we’re definitely super intrigued by the guac-hopper-taco remix. Fresh and springy (pun intended), it’s certainly a bright take on farm-to-table. Or in this case, garden-to-table.

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L'shana tova ✡️!

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It’s taco time.

What do you think? Do you dare to take a bite of these grasshopper tacos?