Gucci Decor Is Gucci’s Latest Homeware Range And We Want All Of It

There’s everything from pillows and chairs to room dividers and candles

After Dolce & Gabbana kitchen appliances, this designer homeware range is the next on our list.

Gucci has unveiled Gucci Decor, bringing the runway to our living rooms, with a colourful range of bohemian style homeware items.

The collection is Gucci’s first venture into homeware, and naturally comes with a hefty price tag. But if you’re willing to spend £150 on a candle, there’ll definitely be something in it for you.

Featuring familiar designs spotted on the Gucci catwalk, Gucci Decor sports everything from a red snake cushion over to a pink and red chair with a cat’s face on it, and one fancy AF room divider (with little octopus images on it).

I mean, could you imagine how cool you would feel inviting guests over to hang out on your pink Gucci chairs with your blue-eyed Gucci fragrance candle setting all the right vibes before serving up some cute snacks on Gucci tiger plates that you carry into the room on a Gucci snake tray?

#GucciGoals, man.

Each item is handmade, and requires hours of expert craftsmanship, thereby offering only the finest in quality. And, of course, in price tags.

Anyone willing to splash that cash or swipe ‘til you can’t swipe no more, can purchase these homeware items on from September onwards and at select Gucci stores. That room divider we mentioned earlier? That’ll set you back a sweet £23,000.

Time to start saving up.

IKEA? Who’s that?

All images cr: Gucci

Which is your fave?

h/t: Metro