Gucci Releases High Fashion Memes, Proves It Is The Coolest Brand Ever

Gucci is so in with the kids. 

I’m trying to imagine what the marketing team over at Gucci must have been thinking when they came up with this. 

I’m picturing a smokey room with fabulously styled people in oversized shades, motioning with their hands, sipping a fresh espresso, slowly putting the cup down and declaring, “Memes. We’re going to do memes.”

Whether that’s how it went down or not, Gucci proves it is the coolest once again by creating their own high fashion memes as part of their latest watch campaign.


Aiming to tap into that millennial market (similar to what Chanel did recently), the Italian fashion house is incorporating current popular Internet culture with couture, under the hashtag #TFWGucci. 

(To all those who don’t know what ‘TFW’ means – it stands for “That Feeling When…” and is kind of a big deal in the meme world.)

The memes subtly (and sometimes funnily not so subtly) promote the latest Gucci watch, as well as other Gucci items, highlighting their great style and swag in a language ~the youth~ will appreciate.With an Instagram following of 13 million and growing, Gucci is definitely impressing us with this one. 

New Campaign #TFWGucci | #fashioncampaign #GucciMeme #gucci #alessandromichele

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New Campaign #TFWGucci | #fashioncampaign #GucciMeme #gucci #alessandromichele

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#TFWGucci The work of LA-based artist @amanda_charchian is characterized by her uniquely female-focused approach to the Surrealist tradition. With mysterious, witchy characters—think a crystal-incrusted spider sculpture that trembles in the wind, or a circle of ginger women linked together by their braided hair—they’re impossible to forget. It’s no wonder that her career spans both the fine art and commercial fashion world, and has included both gallery shows and editorial commissions for Vogue Italia. Her collaborative memes for #TFWGucci with the hilarious @textsfromyourexistentialist create a feminine duo: sensual, funny, and unapologetic, with an underlying darkness from the eponymous philosophy. – Text by @tatianaberg. Discover more through link in bio.

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h/t: WMagazine