A Gucci Restaurant Has Opened In Italy For When You Want Some Stylish Spaghetti

It’s called the Gucci Osteria and the menu sounds AMAZING

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Shortly after releasing a line of gorgeous homeware items, Italian fashion powerhouse Gucci is at it again.

A Gucci restaurant has opened in Florence, inviting all fashionistas, foodies and friends to come and sample fine Italian cuisine in stunning stylish surroundings.

So exciting

Named the Gucci Osteria, the restaurant makes up part of the Gucci Garden, a concept store and exhibition space showcasing the brand’s history and exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces. Based inside the beautiful Palazzo della Mercanzia, the Gucci restaurant will be open daily from 12pm to 8.30pm and serve up dishes created by Michelin Star chef Massimo Bottura.

Take a stylish seat

I know what you’re thinking. Fashion and pigging out don’t really go hand in hand. Will the food be mostly air and champagne? Hair spray and smoke? A few tiny cubes of cheese?

Yet before you plan your pre-meal to your Gucci-meal, a quick scan of the menu suffices (and reveals a sigh of relief) as the dishes indeed sound very drool-worthy, and not at all like a Fashion Week diet. It turns out, pasta is super in Vogue. Phew.

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Even the menu looks gorge


Served on monogramed Gucci plates, there’ll be everything from parmigiano reggiano tortellini and mushroom risotto, over to pork belly buns, Peruvian tostadas, and scampi. To end your meal and ease into the food coma, there’s a fabulous cappuccino, which comes with a side of monogramed sugar cubes. Because of course. Chef Massimo describes, “Travelling the world, our kitchen interacts with everything we see, hear and taste.”

How very Gucci.

Yet whilst all the dishes look straight up runway-ready, the Gucci restaurant has made it a point to price all their menu items below a €30 price tag – a very fair rule considering regular fine dining prices (and Gucci prices) in Italy. It also allows those who are more H&M than Haute Couture to enjoy the Gucci lifestyle, even just for one meal. #WinWin

Those colours tho

For a post-meal stroll diners are invited to explore the adjoining exhibitions, which include a cinema room as well as a specialty boutique, where many limited edition items will be available for purchase. There’s also a ‘Guccification’ room, where guests can explore the evolution of the Gucci logo and motif, as well as the development and influences behind the brand’s designs.

Between food, fashion, history, and Italy, the Gucci restaurant is open from January 10th of this year, and certainly sounds like a fabulous day out.

I mean, who knows? Perhaps Gucci tortellini will become just as hot as that iconic Gucci logo tee. Or those furry Gucci slides. Or those snazzy Gucci sneakers.

One word: yum.

Who’s coming?

h/t: Metro