Forget Afternoon Tea: Guy Tea Is A Thing Now For All Men Who Spit On Macarons

It’s supposed to cater to the men who find regular afternoon tea too girly…

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It’s no secret that we love Afternoon Tea as much (probably more) as the next guy. From the delicate finger sandwiches to the sweet little pastries over to the classic jam and scones. The next guy will definitely tell you, “Cupcast? Oh they loooove afternoon tea.”

But what if you didn’t love afternoon tea as much as the next guy. What if what was lacking from your afternoon tea, was, well, guys?

Let’s clarify.

A cafe in Melbourne called ‘The Stables of Como’ has released Guy Tea – an afternoon tea experience to suit every manly need. Forget breakable fine china, screw tea that tastes merely like lightly flavoured water, and throw your overpriced macarons out the window.

Guy Tea is regular Afternoon Tea’s masculine, testosterone-y match.

For “whenever cakes and sandwiches just won’t cut it”, the Guy Tea comes serving free flowing beer, burgers, chips, and a brownie, so that manly man (or hey, hungry woman) can get a decent bite in sideways.

After all, Tea is the meal between lunch and dinner. And who wouldn’t happily munch on a BBQ pork slider for it?

As opposed to the traditional high tea three tier cake stand, Guy Tea comes served on a hard oversized wooden board, allowing diners to enjoy an afternoon tea “the manly way.” Thereby avoiding all things stereotypically girly, Guy Tea finds a way to still be part of the afternoon tea trend, whilst denouncing most of what it stands for.

We’re going to deflect from any kind of mansplaining here, and hope it’s all a good-humoured joke.

After all, food shouldn’t be catered to specific genders, and we shouldn’t make gender assumptions based on particular foods.

I knew a fine man once. He loved a good piece of cake.

All images cr: The Stables of Como/Facebook

Whatever your taste buds may be lusting for, head on over to the Stables of Como Stables of Como website for a shot of manspiration, and find out more about this auspicious meal.

As for us… whatever gender, wherever there’s food – we’ll be there.

What do you think?

h/t: Metro