This Gym Offers A Class Where You Napercise For 45 Mins And It Is Freakin’ Fab

Lie on mattresses and just nap

Some people are real fitness junkies. They can go to classes at 6am and then workout on the machines and then cycle back home and then walk to work. Others, not so much. 

This particular class is for the latter. 

UK gym franchise David Lloyd Clubs is offering customers a Napercise Class. Yes, that’s napping and exercise combined. 

Cr: DavidLloyd

Except, the ‘exercise’ part comprises of about 15 minutes of stretching. The real calorie burner lies in the 45 minutes that follow, i.e., the ‘napping’ part. 

Armed with an eye mask, inflatable mattress, and some golden silence amongst strangers, students of the class are encouraged to lie down and sleep for a while. Aimed to “reinvigorate the mind, improve moods, and even burn the odd calorie,” napercise certainly sounds like our new favourite excuse to head to the gym. 

Lazy bed head excuses aside, this could potentially be a great solution for anyone in need of some extra snooze. Parents who want to recharge, students who pulled all-nighters, anyone with a stressful job… 

I mean, power naps have been proven to boost our productivity and focus, so maybe David Lloyd Clubs are really onto something here. Sure, it probably won’t get you a six pack and some super toned biceps, but if you were going to nap anywhere, doesn’t the gym feel like the most productive spot?

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Between PR exercise and sporting exercise, one thing we know for sure. 

We need to take a nap and think this over. 

h/t: Distractify