A Hairy Chest Bathing Suit Exists And You Won’t Be Able To Unsee It


Baywatch Red Colour one piece? Cute. Strapless Bikini? Cute. Patterned Monokini? Cute. Monotone Tankini? Cute. Hairy chest hair? Err… Cute?!

Whilst a male hair chest isn’t on our usual list of cute swimwear, a company has released a ‘Sexy Chest’ bathing suit. And it’s… well, it’s a looker alright.

Cr: Beloved Shirts

With one piece bathing suits on the rise this year, it’s no doubt that fashion houses are looking to capitalise on the trend. However, when did we go from black with frilly flowers to aging man with chest hair?

According to Beloved Shirts, now is the time. The clothing company has released a one piece bathing suit that looks to replicate a fairly tubby man with lot’s and lot’s of chest and belly hair. I guess they were trying to be innovative…

Whilst most women don’t normally feel like sporting greasy images of hair on their bodies by the beach, if you thought these swimmers were a cheap joke article you thought wrong. The ‘Sexy One Piece Swimsuit’ is priced at $59.95 (£47). That’s a lot more than ye old H&M two piece. Then again, ye old H&M two piece does not look like this:

Juuuust great

Are they fighting the stigma of hairy chests? Are they trying to find a way to keep eyes OFF our bodies? Are they just really, really into chest hair? Naturally, the internet had many questions (and reactions):

Whilst we still don’t quite know what drove a designer and manufacturing team to make THIS and think it would be a good idea… At least they’ve given us a mental image we won’t be able to unsee. Ever.