A Halloween Pug Cafe Is Coming To The UK And It Is Spooky Cute

Wait ’til you see those pug costumes!

Take Me There: 🐶🎃 🐶🎃 🐶🎃 🐶🎃 8/10

Humans in Halloween costumes are cute. But pugs in Halloween costumes? At least 100 times more cute.

Whilst pug cafes are popping up everywhere and causing much a buzz, a new Halloween pug cafe is opening in the English town of Guilford to give all other pet cafes a spooky run for their money.

Themed around the adorable squishy-faced canines and all those who love them, The Pug Cafe is inviting pug owners and pug adorers to their ‘Double Puggle, Toil and Trouble’ event this autumn. It’s a Halloween event, except, renamed to ‘Pug-O-Ween,’ because of course.

And like any Halloween event – it comes complete with trick or treats, and a whole lot of dress up.

Pug owners and their pugs are encouraged to attend in fancy dress, with a prize awarded to the best dressed pug. Furthermore, there’ll be Pugkin Spice Lattes (’tis the season after all), and a whole day of barking fun. The website reads, “Look forward to a range of pumpkin woofins, carob cookies and other tasty surprises including a special Pug Punch.”

Whilst most of the adorably named snacks are meant for the little puppers, there will also be an array of goodies for humans to enjoy, from coffee and cake to waffles and paninis.

However, the food sits on the sidelines at this event, as the pugs are the real stars of the show. A chance for all dog-lovers to meet, pet, and play with different kinds of pugs from across the country, it’s a beautiful way to get to know some very cute canines.

Aiming to unite pug owners and pug lovers, it’s a true gathering of pups. Pups in little witch wigs and bearing fake dracula teeth.


All images via The Pug Cafe

Taking place on October 28th and 29th, visitors can book time slots to meet with the pugs. Pug owners pay £5 entry and pug lovers pay £10 each. And as with most pug events, the turnout for the Halloween pug cafe is predicted to be quite high. Whilst booking does not go live until September 30th at 11 am, it’s probably safest to RSVP to the Facebook event, and keep your notifications on for when booking opens.

Find out more over on the Halloween pug cafe event page, and start prepping a four-legged costume!

(Or start prepping to “awwww” at plenty of them).

Who’s coming?

h/t: Metro