Put Your Hogwarts Knowledge To The Test At This Harry Potter Escape Room

The best kind of escape room adventure is a magic-infused escape room adventure

If you’ve ever experienced the thrilling adventure of being in an escape room, imagine that multiplied by spells, suspense and Professor Snape. 

Enigma Quest is inviting all muggles and wizards alike to enter their Harry Potter escape room in London, and it sounds freakin’ magical.

Snape would be proud

For all those who don’t know what an escape room is – it’s a game whereby you and your friends are locked into a room, and have to solve a number of puzzles to get out. It’s a wildly popular activity similar to an IRL whodunnit or Cluedo, and often involves crime themes. This one however, involves a Harry Potter theme. And thereby is naturally 100 times better.

Nope, you haven’t overdosed on Bertie Botts or Butterbeer, this is a real thing.


The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry escape room allows all budding Harry Potter aficionados to truly put their knowledge to the test – regardless of whether you’ve already gotten your Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail.

Would Harry pass this quest?

Enigma Quests describes, “your team will face obstacles and tests requiring cooperation and some bravery. On your quest to becoming a witch or wizard, you will learn new skills and gain knowledge to help you pass all exams and defeat the dark forces.”

Gasp, #DreamComeTrue.

Need some of this

It’s the perfect way to imagine yourself as the recipient to the words, “You’re a wizard Harry” and the most honest way to find out if you’d really make it at Hogwarts. The whole process takes around 60 minutes, and people can enter in groups of three or five, from £90 per ticket. According to the reviews thus far, it’s definitely a “spellbinding experience.”

The best part however, is probably when you succeed and make it out of the room, and can finally say, “Mischief Managed.”

Cr: acciolacquer.com

(Don’t lie, you’ve been dying to find an excuse to use that expression.)

Find out more about the Harry Potter escape room on the Enigma Quests website, and check out more snaps on their Instagram page.

h/t: Metro