Potterheads: You Need To Check Out This Harry Potter Halloween Event This Autumn

Featuring everything from a Sorting Hat Ceremony to a Hogwarts champagne lounge!

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Do you have plans for Halloween yet? Because whatever they may be, cancel them immediately.

There’s going to be a Harry Potter Halloween event in Nottingham on October 31st – and it contains every single wizarding dream you’ve ever had. We’re talking cocktails in the Great Hall, potion-making, house games, and a full on dance party a la Yule Ball.

To all Potterheads out there – this event is the event of your year.

Colwick Hall Hotel in Nottingham is holding a Harry Potter Halloween event called ‘The Hogwarts Halloween Experience in the Great Hall’, looking to celebrate the famed school of witchcraft and wizardry and all the adventures surrounding it.

Plus a bit of booze.

There’s going to be everything from a full fledged three-course banquet (if you’ve never wanted to eat the food from Harry Potter you’re lying), and a swanky champagne lounge. Guests will also get the chance to take part in potions classes and house games, after being sorted into their respective houses by the delirious Sorting Hat. You’ll also be given a chocolate wand. Yknow, for enchanting snacking.

All images via Colwick Hall Hotel

After a few rounds of fun Potter-themed games and a ‘Hogwarts Banquet fit for a king’, there’ll be a disco to end the night in true magical style – think, that scene in The Goblet of Fire when the rock band takes the stage at the Yule Ball.

Yeah, that good.

Partnering with Nottingham gin bar Gincident, the event is perfect for anybody who loves the Harry Potter series, and also, gin. Whilst you do have to be of legal drinking age, tickets come priced at £39.50 per person, and include everything from meals to potions. It is strongly suggested guests come in fitting costumes (robes welcome!), and you can find out all the deets on the Colwick Hall Hotel website.

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Who’s coming?

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