17 Helpful Food Charts That Will Make You Eat Healthy AF

From the best low-carb snacks over to some delicious smoothie inspo

Healthy eating isn’t always easy to do. Especially when you don’t know where to start. 

Luckily healthy food charts are a thing, and provide a foolproof way of giving you all the quick and easy information you need alongside some pretty pictures. From healthy substitutes for popcorn and chips over to dinner inspo and meal prep shortcuts, take a look at some of these food charts below, and get your health mode ON. The fun way. 

  1. What a balanced meal REALLY looks like: 

Cr: onemedical.com

  1. Zero calorie foods (that you can eat endlessly):

Cr: www.rodalewellness.com

  1. Some super healthy snack ideas:

Cr: sparkpeople.com

  1. One serving of fruit does not equal one blueberry… 

Cr: popsugar.com

  1. When you want to eat healthy but also want to bake cakes: 

Cr: picklee.com

  1. Manage your cravings and see what you’re REALLY craving:

Cr: musely.com

  1. How to build a filling salad: 

Cr: lexiscleankitchen.com

  1. And DIY salad dressings: 

Cr: Kath Eats Real Food

  1. “Watch Yo’ Nuts”

Cr: SelfPerformanceFitness

  1. Some smoothie inspo: 

Cr: lexiscleankitchen.com

  1. All the many ways to marinate a good healthy chicken breast: 

Cr: picklee.com

  1. And all the delicious ways you can make your own hummus: 

Cr: shape.com

  1. Healthy soup inspiration:

Cr: lexiscleankitchen.com

  1. How to use spices like a pro:

Cr: www.commonsenseevaluation.com

  1. How to sip smart: 

Cr: .heart.org

  1. Low food swaps for healthy snacking:

Cr: blog.myfitnesspal.com

  1. And all the incredibly healthy things you can have for dinner today: 

Cr: infographixdirectory.com

Who is now the hottest and the healthiest in all the land? 

Cr: JLRReyes

You. You are.