To Anyone Who Has Ever Had Their Heart Broken, These Comics Are For You

You’re going to relate so hard to these

Feels: 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 10/10

Anyone who has ever had their heart broken knows that the world stops and the earth shatters in that very moment. 

But they also know (after some time), that things always get better in the end. 

If you know the feels or are feeling the feels, come, have a look at these comics. 

Reaching out to us like a warm hug on a sad day, @hiddenheartbreak is an anonymous illustrator perfectly depicting the ups and downs (and very downs) of honest heart break. 

“I’ll never change, and that’s okay”

People around the globe are resonating so hard with these images, as they show that the struggle is not only real but relatable on some many levels. 

The images detail the illustrator’s own hardship with a broken relationship, as well as general feelings and pieces of advice. Aiming to pour some humour into what is otherwise a deeply painful experience, we’re definitely loving these sweet drawings, and they’re definitely making us smile beneath our pile of wet tissues. 

It’s the little things. And these are some sweet ones. 

Follow HiddenHeartBreak on Instagram, and forward to anyone going through a messy time. 

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