These Hermes Birkin Bags Are Made Out Of Marble And They Literally Rock

Barbara Segal carves designer pieces out of stone

You know how when we love something and want to keep it forever, we say we’ll ‘set it in stone’? 

This artist has taken the ever-famous, ever-loved, ever-luxurious, Hermes Birkin bag and done exactly that.


Cr: BarbaraSegal

Barbara Segal creates beautifully crafted sculptures that mimic fashion pieces in a classic renaissance flair kind of way. 

From the Hermes Birkin over to countless purses, dresses, and clutches, the artist carves couture to perfection through her unique (and uber cool) work. Inspired by her time abroad in Europe, and the beauty of Italian architecture, Segal learned the art of carving from some of the world’s best local artisans. She tells PopSugar, “Returning to New York in the late ‘70s, I knew I could create whatever I chose in stone.” 

And what did she choose? Fashion, baby. 

Cr: BarbaraSegal

Sure to make many do a double-take, Segal’s pieces truly reflect her inspirations and her passion for the skill. In explaining her stunning Birkin pieces, she states, “My sculpture reinforces the bag’s iconic status, presenting an object that is, by nature, ephemeral and transforming it into an enduring, almost religious, idol for worship.” 

It makes sense, if you ask me. These pieces are sinfully stunning. 

Cr: BarbaraSegal

Cr: BarbaraSegal

Cr: BarbaraSegal

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h/t: PopSugar