The Hilarious Difference Between Mum And Dad, Explained Through Comics

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Whilst they may display a united front on many issues, the truth is that your parents are often two very different people with two very different approaches – at least, when it comes to raising their children.

There’s always one who’s more chill, one who’s more strict, one who’s more soft-spoken, or one who’s more likely to lose his/her temper.

Are you picturing your parents right now?

Cheekily depicting some of these scenarios, artist Yasmine S. of ‘How We Came To Be’ explains the stark differences between her mum and dad. There’s everything from detailing where babies come from over to embracing a new boyfriend, and their reactions could not be any more different. And any more relatable.

Offering a warm and nostalgic touch, Yasmine’s simple black and white comics are a cute #TBT to our childhood (and teenage-hood) (oh goodness, the teenage-hood) times. The illustrator and cartoonist explains that she draws from her own experiences, using her own mum and dad for the inspiration behind her work. She explains that even though her parents are “polar opposites”, they’ve managed to stay happily married for 40 years (and counting!).

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Charming and chuckle-worthy, take a scroll through Yasmine’s comics below. You’ll definitely relate to at least one or two of the scenarios – even if the roles of mum and dad are switched!

All images cr: How We Came To Be/Yasmine S.

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