This Student Sent Her Crush A Hilarious Presentation On Why They Should Date

This is cleverly thought out

Love at first sight is cute and all, but love at first presentation may just prove to be far cuter. 

To anyone who has ever wondered how to really get the attention of your crush and convince them you’re the ultimate one for them, Lizzy Fenton has a strategy for you. 

Cr: LizzyFenton/Twitter

Forget playing games and coy flirtatious DMs, hit them up with a full PowerPoint presentation as to why you’re the best, and do it in charmingly full detail. 

A student at the University of Minnesota, Fenton put her studious skills to good use to explain to her crush Carter why he should date her. The six-slide (!) presentation ranges from personality traits like “Monogamy not your style? No problem. Dating me is like having three different girlfriends” over to physical attributes like “My boobs exhibit steady growth over time.” The latter includes a graph which depicts said growth over time. 

Cr: LizzyFenton/Twitter

And if Fenton’s personal reasons why Carter should date her aren’t convincing enough, the student also included testimonial style quotes from none other than Channing Tatum, Miss America 2012, and The New York Times. Tatum supposedly states, “Wanted to ask her out but she’s way out of my league.”

Lizzy, can WE date you? 

Cr: LizzyFenton/Twitter

What do you think? Also, anybody round here good with PowerPoint?

h/t: Metro