These Bird Paintings Have Brilliantly Human Titles And They’re So Funny

He shows what they’re REALLY thinking (maybe/probably/definitely)

LOL: 🦉 🦉 🦉 🦉 🦉 🦉 🦉 7/10

If you’ve ever had a pigeon poo on you and thought that particular pigeon really had it in for you, you’ll probably really like these.

Artist Matt Adrian is making us all chuckle up out loud with his clever and cunning bird paintings, featuring common everyday phrases (often times bordering on the passive aggressive), and making for a hilarious mash up.

A true cheeky insight to what our bird friends may be thinking/saying to each other, Adrian’s bird paintings are a must-see for bird lovers and not-so-much-lovers alike. His work features beautiful portraits of many bird species, and are seemingly innocent non-kniving pieces. It is only in the painting titles that the bird’s true thought is explained, and the painting becomes all the more amusing. Adrian explains that this combination portrays “the purity of nature with the banality of modern human existence.”

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Proving the importance of a title and how it alter our perception of a painting, Adrian’s work is a true testament to his gorgeous painting skill and sense of humour. Charming, delicate, and somewhat pretty bird-badass, take a scroll through Adrian’s work below. They’re going to make you giggle, and they’re going to make you look at that pigeon in a wholeeeee new light.

All images cr: Matt Adrian


Check out more designs and purchase your faves prints, wood panels, cards and more, over on the Adrian’s MincingMockingbird Etsy store, and always be a rad bird.

What do you think? Which is your fave?

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