Apple Releases HomePod Speaker And People Can’t Stop Joking About It

It looks like a roll of toilet paper.

Apple has released yet another product, and the Internet is releasing yet another fire round of Apple product memes.

The new Apple HomePod Speaker has become subject/victim of the Interwebs. Because it looks like roll of toilet paper.

The home speaker that uses voice activation (Siri, for those not in the know) come priced at a steep $349, but Tweeters have been quick to point out that most of us probably already have one at home. Or ten. In the bathroom.

The speaker has quickly sparked chuckles all across the Twittersphere, with users quick to point out the similarity between the HomePod Speaker and mundane everyday home objects. Think balls of yarn, a trash can, or a cat scratching post.

From cheeky to downright dark, check out some of the funniest #HomePod memes below. After all, we all know we’re going to laugh this one out, come back to our senses (or lose them completely), and go buy the darn thing anyway.

I guess Apple always has the last laugh.