‘Resting Bitch Face’ Paintings Are A Thing Now And They Are So Rad

People send in their slaying selfies, and this woman turns them into art. 

Firstly, not your place to tell me what to do. And secondly, no, this is my swag okay?

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A Vancouver artist was tired of guys telling her to smile, and has now decided to do something about it using her artistic talent. 

Mandy Tsung

Mandy Tsung started the “Bitchy Resting Face Project” in 2015 painting portraits using selfies women and fans had sent her. The artist writes on her blog, “all women know how infuriating it is if someone tells you to smile when your face is simply relaxed. This is the most natural face a woman can make; her most honest expression, and yet it is so unsettling that strangers feel the need to do something to stop it”

She continues, “By depicting women as we are naturally, I hope to erase the shame and negativity that we feel about simply being ourselves.” Yasss Mandy. 


Making a clear statement, the images are part of the artist’s group show ‘Strong Female Character’ and are sure to put a smile on your face. Or not. Yknow, whatever. 

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Finished #bitchyrestingfaceportrait!

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Check out more of Mandy’s art on her Tumblr, and then make all the faces you want. 

h/t: Mashable