Instagram Gets Body Positive In The Beautiful Drawings Of This Artist

These will make you feel amazing

If you were looking kinda scrubby and you were feeling kinda tubby, hereโ€™s a pick-me-up.ย 

Instagram is often popularly associated with skinny stereotypically โ€˜hotโ€™ girls and people living stereotypically โ€˜perfectโ€™ lives.ย 

It can be a depressing spot to scroll, but increasingly Instagram is getting filled with #BoPo Body Positive art, images, and messages. One such advocate is artistย Pink Bits.ย 

Beauty & a Bouquet

Linking in with hashtags such as #EmbraceTheSquish and #SelfLove, the illustrator is ringing confidence and love from some many levels through her drawings, which feature women in all shapes, colours, and sizes.ย 

Aiming to depict โ€œthe bits and shapes weโ€™re told to hideโ€, take a look at some of Pink Bitsโ€™ inspiring work below, including anything from body hair over to scars.ย 

If you were looking for some beautiful today, this is it.ย 

Followย Pink Bits on Instagram, and keep your feed body positive.ย