If You’re An Introvert And Feeling Flirty, Send These Notes To Your Crush

Josh Higgins designs cutesy cards for all those of us too shy to send that ‘wyd’ text

If you still haven’t met ~the one~, chances are it’s because you’re both wrapped up in a blanket burrito far far away from each other.

Gathering up the courage to talk to bae when you’re a bit of an introvert or a little shy can seem like a daunting task sometimes. But luckily, illustrator Josh Higgins is here to save us all.

The artist behind HMD Stuff & Thangs has started ‘Introflirted’ – a series of adorable and witty drawings timid people can share with their current crush. The images feature sweet kinda-chat-up lines, dazzling with not-too-intimidating suggestions, sure to charm anyone who loves a good leftover pizza whilst hanging out with their dog on a Friday night.

It’s every socially awkward millennial’s calling.

Giving off just the right amount of flirt and faint affection, take a look through some of these sweet illustrations below. And then immediately (or, yknow, in a bit) forward to the boo you’d like to Netflix and Netflix with.

All images cr: Introflirted via HMDStuff&Things

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