Behold, The Most Tech-Savvy Way To Sip Coffee: iPhone Lattes

Not only do they feature that iconic Apple logo, they also come served in iPhone packages

As if lattes served in avocado skin weren’t crazy enough.

iPhone lattes are the latest addition to the tremendously trending latte art hype. And whilst they do feature the tell-tale use of milk foam to create the image of an apple, they also feature a very interesting (and slightly worrying) drinking medium: an iPhone box.

Cr: Mashable Screenshot

That’s right – iPhone lattes come served in iPhone boxes. The bigger the iPhone box, the bigger the latte – iPhone 4 or 5 for small lattes, iPhone 6S Plus or 7 Plus for larger lattes. It’s pretty simple.

And pretty stup… stupefyingly easy to make.

Cr: Mashable Screenshot

In a cheeky video posted by Mashable, a barista is shown making this mobile latte, and it’s almost a little difficult to tell whether it’s a joke or a really hipster real thing.

A ‘marriage between technology and art’, it’s the perfect cuppa for smartphone aficionados and anyone who doesn’t mind their coffee tasting like cardboard and seeping through the container.

I mean, does it taste… expensive? Like weak battery life and a charging cable that breaks every few months? Can you drink it even if you don’t have Instagram? And do you have to live-tweet the whole experience or can you post later?

Cr: Mashable Screenshot

Somewhere out there, Tim Cook is rolling his eyes SO hard.

Who’s thirsty? Who wants to drink an iPhone?