25 Funniest Twitter Reactions To The New iPhone X

“I wonder if FaceID works with 2-faced people”

LOL: 😂📱 😂📱 😂📱 😂📱 😂📱10/10

Apple has unveiled its much anticipated and long-awaited 10th anniversary iPhone today, and whilst it has only been a few hours since the world got to feast their eyes on the shiny almost all-glass piece of tech, Twitter is already up and buzzing with comments, jokes, and memes.

Even though Apple also announced the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, it was the iPhone X which really stole the show. iPhone X (you pronounce it “ten” FYI) comes with a wider array of new high-tech features. There’s everything from facial recognition (Face ID) and wireless charging over to moving, customisable ~animojis~.

Really, if you’re a tech geek (or just a die-hard Apple fan), it’s pretty exciting.

Cr: Apple

The iPhone X will be available for pre-order from October 27th, and is going to ship from November 3rd. ’Til then (and ’til you win the lottery), happy giggling at the best reactions from the internet so far below:

1. When they started talking about the iPhone X

2. Why they skipped iPhone 9 and went straight to X (or ex…)

3. The fate of the 8 🙁

4. This presentation slide

5. The joy of having so much glass on your phone…

6. The joy of having so much glass on your phone (for your repair guy)

7. Animated emoji features

8. The dilemma with Face ID

9. This Game of Thrones connection

10. How to use your phone in class???

11. This salty concern

12. New issues

13. Bye bye finger recognition

14. This emergency

15. What about battery life? 🙁

16. Everyone with an iPhone right now…

17. And when they announced the price tag.

18. Awks…

19. The chances…

20. And everyone’s bank account rn

21. This would be cool

22. Trying to solve the problem of having too much cash

23. An alternate pricing system

24. The future

25. And finally, a word from Paris Hilton:

What do you think of the new iPhone X?