Cat Lovers: You Need To Get These Japanese Cat Slippers Right Meow

The perfect accessory for any cool cat out there

Whatever you’re doing right now, paws for a second. Because we have something very special for you.

Japanese cat slippers are a thing, and you’re going to want them on your feet like a cat wants a laser it is chasing.

Designed by footwear designer Narageta, Village Vanguard have unveiled a collection of traditional Japanese slippers, with a fiercely fashionable feline touch.

Cat slippers. Slippers shaped like cats. No, you’re not dreaming, this is really a thing.

Just imagine. You wake up from a cat nap, slip into these shoes, and make yourself some hot milk. Or, you get out of bed on a Monday morning not really in the mood for things, until you slip into these shoes, and it’s a good day all over. Or maybe, you have a cat and you’re out and about and can’t be with him/her but you’re wearing these slippers, and you feel a little better.

Really, these cat slippers are freakin’ purrfect.

Made to mimic traditional Japanese wooden slippers, the “Nyarageta” sandals are a playful combination of the Japanese words “nya” (meow), “nara” (their city of origin), and “geta” (the wooden slipper style). Made from lightweight, shock-absorbing material, they’re definitely the trendiest footwear for any cool cat.

All images cr: VVstore

Now if only they made little paw prints as we walked…

h/t: DesignTaxi