Junk Food Makeup: This Artist Creates Incredible Happy Meals On Her Face


#FoodArt: 🍔💄 🍔💄 🍔💄 🍔💄 🍔💄 10/10

This is probably one of the only times junk food is really good to your face.

Canadian makeup artist Mimi Choi is making us want to eat her face with her incredible junk food makeup looks.

Creating mind-blowing effects using the sole tools of brush and paint (well, makeup), Choi manages to convert her face into anything from a cheeseburger, hotdog, fries, and even sushi.

Taking inspiration from all of our favourite dishes, the artist uses her face and hands as the canvas (plate?) for all her junk food makeup looks. Extremely detailed and extremely realistic, her work often resembles an optical illusion, and with over 605k followers on Instagram, it’s needless to say people are LOVING it.

After all, let’s be honest here. We’ve all secretly dreamt of being a pepperoni pizza.

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Hypnotising and somewhat haunting, take a scroll through some of Choi’s junk food makeup art below. You’ll never look at your food (or your makeup) the same way again.

All images cr: Mimi Choi Makeup Artisty/Facebook

Follow Choi over on Instagram, and check out more very cool looks. The artist goes beyond food and often creates other looks too – from the freaky spooky to the sliced up, trippy, and gooey!

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What do you think? Also, anyone else suddenly really hungry?