Do You Know What The Viral ‘Karma Is A Bitch Challenge’ Is? Because It Is Hotttt

It was inspired by popular tv show ‘Riverdale’

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Here’s a challenge that allows participants to show off one hell of a glow up.

The Karma Is A Bitch Challenge is making waves on the internet, as the viral online challenge is being taken up by teens all around the globe. And we’re not gonna lie, it’s really fun to watch.

The message of the challenge is clear: it basically re-enacts that moment when you show up at some sort of social event all dressed up looking fly AF and make all the jaws of your enemies/frenemies/exes/bullies drop hard to the ground in admiration/adoration/shook-ness.

A bit like after those famous ~makeover~ scenes in high school movies.

And indeed, the Karma Is A Bitch Challenge found its inspiration in a high school series. The line (though repeated many, many times in common millennial speak) is uttered by Veronica Lodge in the hit CW TV Show ‘Riverdale’ (which is actually based off of Archie Comics). Thereby the challenge involves looking into the camera, saying ‘karma is a bitch’, and then throwing up a sheet to cover up your look, before letting it drop to reveal your very best, fire, completely transformed self. In the background ‘Gucci Gucci’ by Kreayshawn needs to be playing at the part of ‘gnarly, radical, on the block I’m magical’, and then you mouth ‘karma is a bitch’ as you slay and cause all your haters to be speechless.

Here, check out some prime examples:

Between a confidence boost and a funny F-U to all your haters, the challenge is currently extremely popular in China, and gaining traction in other countries around the world. If you’re looking to recreate it yourself, you can find the infamous line in Season 2, Episode 6 of ‘Riverdale’, and as for some fire looks – well, you already have those. 😉

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