KFC Is Using Facial Recognition To Remember Your Favourite Fried Chicken Orders

Creepy or cool?

We’re talking fried chicken. 

Cr: kfc.co.uk

Whether you like hot-and-spicy wings, a zesty zinger burger, or packets and packets of chicken popcorn, KFC is getting ready to read your mind. All just by looking at your pretty face. 

That’s right. Fried Chicken doesn’t ask silly questions. Fried Chicken understands. 

Cr: via HungryForever

According to the guys over at TechCrunch, the fried chicken giant is using facial recognition software to suggest particular orders for customers. Partnering up with Baidu (China’s answer to Google), the “smart restaurant” in Beijing recommends what it thinks might suit you best, based on your appearance, age, gender, and facial expression. At times even attempting to guess your mood. 

So “hangry” must be a universal thing. 

Cr: via HungryForever

In a press release, Baidu gave the example of a male customer in his early 20s. He will be suggested to order a full lunch that includes a crispy chicken hamburger, roasted chicken wings, and a Coke. In a further example, a female customer in her 50s would prefer porridge and soybean milk for breakfast. 

Err… I’ll have what he’s having. 

Serious stereotyping or speedy decision-making? 

Cr: Amy Hawkins via TheGuardian

And it doesn’t stop there. A Baidu representative has told China Daily that “if the customer visits the store again and takes a picture with the machine, it will be able to recognize his or her face and show the previous purchase history, remember the customer’s dining habits, and help to place an order faster.” 

I’m feeling a little shy about my eating habits now…

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What do you think? Also, wanna go halfzies on this bucket I just got?

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