Kit Kat Sushi Is A Thing Now And We Don’t Quite Know How To Feel About It

Is it sweet? Is it savoury? And what is a Kit Kat doing in there?

Cr: Kit Kat Japan

The latest snacking sushi sensation to hit our taste buds comes in three flavours: Tamago (egg), Maguro (tuna), and Uni (sea urchin). And before you start to imagine a fishy chocolate concoction – do not fear, the flavours are only named after popular sushi types that inspire them, and will taste nothing like fish. 


Cr: Kit Kat Japan

Tamago (egg) comes with a pumpkin pudding flavoured Kit Kat, sitting on a bed of white chocolate-covered puffed rice, whilst Maguro (tuna) is a raspberry Kit Kat on a bed of puffed rice. It’s very reminiscent of a sweet version or even a toy version of sashimi, and probably the stuff of little kid’s dreams. (Okay, and mine.)

Cr: Kit Kat Japan

The very special Uni (sea urchin) features a double portion of Kit Kats with Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese flavours, and is wrapped in seaweed. Like the very real deal, it’s kind of a big deal. 

Cr: Kit Kat Japan

They’re all kind of a big deal actually, and the sweet little treats will be available in Tokyo Ginza’s first street-facing Kit Kat shop from February 2nd to February 4th. Priced at 3000 yen ($26) each, have lunch and dinner, sushi and candy, clean food and guilty pleasure all in one bite. 

Anyone fancy a candy break?


h/t: Mashable