These Kitten Mittens Are A Must-Have For All Diehard Cat Lovers This Winter

So you can have kitties EVERYWHERE you go

Take My Money: 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 5/10

You know that feeling when it’s cold outside and you wish you were somewhere warm cuddled up with a cat?

These mittens know.

Japanese designers YOU+MORE have released several pairs of kitten mittens, that is, mittens shaped as kittens.

*Pause (paws?) for cat lovers all around the world rejoicing right now*

Known as ‘Neko Mittens’ the kitten mittens are the most kawaii piece of animalistic winter fashion we have seen for F/W this year. Available in a variety of colours/kitties, the mittens look like unsuspecting gloves from the back (nevertheless, with pointy ears), yet feature full on kittens with curious faces on the front, i.e. your palms. This ensures that no matter what you may be holding in your hands, it will look like a cat is holding onto the item with it’s fluffy wuffy snuggly wuggly kitty paws.

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*Again, pause (paws??) for cat lovers all around the world rejoicing all over again*

As an added perk, you can also still use your smartphone whilst wearing these. Because these kittens get you. They understand you need to check social media even when you’re outside in the cold. They know that feline warm and looking pawsome is important, but snap chatting yourself with the (anything but the dog) filter time to time is equally important.

All images cr: YOU+MORE

Priced at 3980 Yen (approx £25) per pair, find out more and get yours over on the felissimo website. And forward to your all cold cat-loving friends right meow.

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