This Kitty Collar Lets You Wear A Kitty Around You Neck All Day


If you were looking for a purrfect accessory to go with your look and love for cats, this is it.

The Moozoo Store has created the perfect feline fashion for cat lovers the world over – a kitty collar blouse.

The snowy white cotton blouse consists of a shirt just like you and me know it. Except, of course, with the addition of one fierce collar detail.

Curled and swirled as if lounging around your neck, the cotton kitty provides for perfect comfort all through those hard times when you want a cute cat hanging around your neck and don’t have an actual cute cat hanging around you neck.

I mean, can we just swoon over how freakin’ feline fabulous this girl looks right meow?!

Don’t mind me, just havin’ a latte. Some coffee for me, some milk for the kitty.

All images cr: storenvy

So. Purrfect.

Get it from storenvy now for $21, and fulfil your crazy cat lady dreams. Meow.

h/t: BoredPanda