This Korean Barista’s Coffee Art Is The Mona Lisa Of Coffee Art

He calls it ‘Cremart’

Did you get a nice coffee today? Did the barista draw you a heart or a star using milk foam? Aw, that’s nice. 

This is kinda like that, except way, way, WAY better. 

South Korean barista Kangbin Lee makes some seriously impressive coffee art, recreating anything from Van Gogh over to Disney and Pokemon. 

Phone for coffee

The artist possesses a whole ~latte~ skill as he carefully swirls and blends colours and foam into stunning shapes and designs. Dubbed ‘Cremart’, Lee is quickly becoming every coffee lover’s excuse not to take a sip. 

I mean, how stunning are these?

Van Gogh would probs approve

The barista from ‘Cafe C.Through’ in South Korea features many recognisable motifs in his work, from incredibly detailed renditions of classic paintings, over to Bambi, Stitch, and Pikachu. He’s replicated the Instagram logo, he’s replicated the Wicked Musical poster, he’s replicated himself. He’s truly mastered the art of latte art, and made us his biggest fans with it.

Even when you’re feeling depresso, here’s an espresso that will definitely cheer you up. (I know these aren’t espressos but just, just roll with it, okay?)

Take a look at some of Lee’s creations below, and swoon. 

(And then sip. Nobody likes cold coffee.)

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