This Korean Artist Creates The Most Beautifully Intimate Relationship Drawings

These are so spot-on

Sigh, #SoRomantic: 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 9/10

This is either going to make you really miss your boo, or make you feel very, very single.

Korean illustrator Yang Se Eun, or ‘Zipcy,’ creates beautifully sensual relationship drawings that perfectly capture the little intimate moments many couples share.

From dreamy gazes to gentle touches, Zipcy’s drawings provide a delicate balance between sweet romantic and light erotic, featuring a young man and a young woman going about their daily couple caresses.

Capturing love in all its wonderful glory, the scenes feature familiar material for anyone who has ever been in love. Seemingly ordinary yet sensually relatable and powerful, the couple depicted is seen lying around on the sofa or in bed, in the most innocent of ways.

The looks the two give each other, and the way their hands and bodies entwine stand as a dreamy Sunday-evening-chill reality for many couples out there.

Take a scroll through some of Zipcy’s seriously sweet relationship drawings below, pick your faves, and share with your bae. This is the loveliest thing you’ll see today.

All images cr: Zipcy/Facebook

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