This Eye Mask Is Designed To Look Like A Lacy Bra, So You Can Nap Better

Bras give you good dreams?

Take My Money: 👓 👓 👓 👓 👓 5/10

Hey! Hey you! My eyes are up here on my face!

And so is my bra.

Wait… what?

A Japanese store called Village Vanguard (yes, the same guys behind KFC bath bombs) is selling a bra-shaped eye mask, designed to give you the best napping experience of your life.

No, this is not a joke. This is really a thing.

Named the ‘Brassiere Eye Mask’, the small sleeping aid is aiming to give nappers the feeling of snoozing on an item of female lingerie. All made of lace, they comes in a variety of colours, and are even scented with feminine soap aroma.

We can’t really tell whether this is cute or extremely creepy…

Yet we don’t have to, because these sultry numbers are already selling like wildfire. Priced at 1994 Japanese Yen ($17) each, the mini bra eye masks have already sold out on the Village Vanguard website, as they prove to be incredibly popular.

Who would have thought?

All images via Village Vanguard

Bras. So diverse. Not just for breasts, but also for eyeballs.

What do you think?

h/t: DesignTaxi