These Bending Landscape Photos Are The Inception Version Of Landscape Photos

Seriously, your mind is going to get all trippy with it

If you’re looking for something to mess with your mind, this is it.

Turkish photographer Aydin Buyuktas creates landscape photos that look like something straight out of the movie ‘Inception.’

In a eerily surreal photo series entitled ‘Flatland’, the artist lets landscapes come to life in a truly mind ~bending~ way. Inspired by Edwin Abbott’s book ‘Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions,’ the images portray land in a scarily realistic folding dimension.

We feel like those scientists who discovered that the world is in fact not round.

Beginning with warped photographs of Istanbul and then spreading out all across the US, the shots feature anything from famous landmarks and football fields over to busy parking lots and residential areas. It’s a refreshingly trippy way to look at the world from rural and urban scapes from above. And it certainly toys a lot with your imagination.

For the second series of Flatland, Buyuktas actually googled (well Google Earth-ed) all the many locations that would be suitable for his project. After two months the artist had carefully curated a list of spots, and then set off on a journey of approximately 10,000 miles to capture his work.

Using a small drone, Buyuktas takes between 18-20 photographs. He then puts them together to create one free-flowing photograph, and a suggested feeling of movement, of curve, and of a scene in which we can totally imagine Leo DiCaprio explaining this Inception-esque quality.

Without a doubt, the results are nothing short of amazing.

All images cr: Aydin Buyuktas

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h/t: DesignTaxi