There’s A Laundry Bar Hidden Inside This Laundry Room, And It Is Fantastic

It looks like it’s for washing clothes… but it’s really for partying.

Take Me There: 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 8/10

Does your laundrette/laundromat provide free soap and baskets? Cute. This one does shots and cocktails.

Wait… what?

There’s a laundry bar in Manchester, which on the surface may look like a regular place for washing your clothes, but in reality is a snazzy little cocktail bar.

The Washhouse is a bar disguised as a laundry service. There are washing machines and a dryer in the entry, and a few ~laundry props~ like washing powder and random clothes. However, once you pass through the main door (it’s designed like an oversized washing machine, you can’t miss it), there’s everything from elegant cocktails to leather seating and dim romantic lighting.

I mean… plot twist much!

The secret speakeasy-style hot spot has been open since 2015, but is only well-known to true insiders and cool cats alike. Entry is strictly by reservation only, and because the bar can only hold 40 guests at one time, like actual laundry day, it’s best to plan well in advance.

Whilst the odd confused student does come wandering in with a dirty clothes basket once in a while, The Washhouse make it pretty clear that “our friendly staff won’t take care of your washing and it’s probably best not to let them loose near a washing machine.”

Perhaps you could try their sister restaurant – The Laundrette.

(Just kidding – that one only serves food, soz.)

All images cr: The Washhouse/Facebook

Find out more and give the laundry bar a spin over on The Washhouse website, and be prepared for a load of fun (not laundry, never laundry).

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h/t: TravelAndLeisure