A Lego Bar Is Coming To London And It’ll Make You Say ‘Leggo!’

The whole thing will be made up of one MILLION lego blocks!

Take Me There: 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 8/10

If you loved playing with Lego as a kid and love throwing back those shots as an adult, this is for you.

A Lego bar is coming to London, combining all the childhood nostalgia of assembling the iconic yellow bricks with all the bliss of booze.

Whilst most of the deets about the mischievous brick bar are yet to be confirmed, the Lego bar website is already giving us lot’s to look forward to. Designed as a kind of savvy adult playground, the pop-up bar will be the first ever of its kind, and consist of over 1 million (yes, million) Lego blocks. There’ll be an array of super cool Lego sculptures, as well as piles and piles of bricks for visitors to get their creative juices flowing.

Yet for those who prefer actual juice to creative-Lego-building-juice, there’ll also be a bar serving drinks, as well as a local DJ playing sick tunes all day.

Really, it sounds like a perfect unwind (and rewind) for a chilled evening out.

All images cr: The Brick Bars/Lego Bar

I mean, can you imagine sitting around a table of Lego with your friends and just letting your imagination run wild? Whilst also drinking beer? And bobbing your head to some good music?


Yet as with many of the hip pop-up happenings in London, there will be limited entry to the Lego bar. Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis, yet you can enter your e-mail address to sign up for pre-release tickets on the Brick Bars website.

Also, if you’re a Lego-lover and don’t live in London, do not fear. The pop-up is planning to appear in many more cities, including (but not limited to) Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Set to arrive in London this spring, keep an eye out for its arrival in your city in your e-mail inbox, and start devising some very cool Lego sculptures to impress your date/mates.

Leggo? 😉