These Funny Comics Cheekily And Accurately Depict Life Before The Internet

Do you remember those simple times?

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Remember a time when you had to guess whether a stranger on the street was single? A time when you had no recommendations or reviews to tell you whether a product was good?

Yeah, we don’t either.

But such a time existed – life before the internet is real. Tinder-less, Amazon-less, Instagram-less real life.


Yet to everyone who can’t remember (or can’t possibly imagine) an offline life, Pound Place has released a series of cheeky comics depicting exactly what everyday experiences were like before and after the common use of the internet and its services.

There’s everything from waiting an entire week to watch your favourite show over to reading actual paper maps when you got lost. Cheeky and sorta romantic, take a scroll through the life before internet comics below, it’ll feel like a major #TBT.

(Except, of course, that hashtag also didn’t exist back then…)

All images cr: via Pound Place

Have any other life before internet experiences you remember? Let us know in the comments!