This Liquid Nitrogen Halloween Ice Cream Is A Spooky Must-Eat For Dessert Lovers

Gorgeously gruesome!

#Boooootiful: 👻🍦 👻🍦 👻🍦 👻🍦 👻🍦 10/10

This Halloween, trick or treat (definitely treat) yourself.

Fabulous ice cream parlour and dessert store Four Winters is collaborating with the Meringue Girls to bring us the most gorgeously gruesome Halloween ice cream this year.

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The limited edition “Dark Serve” is made up of a charcoal chocolate liquid nitrogen ice cream, mixed with crushed cookies and popping candy. The whole thing is topped with handmade ghoul & tombstone meringues, cobweb floss, and cookie soil, with an optional ‘splatter’ of blood red raspberry sauce.


Available in a handmade cone or in a cup, the super-Instagrammable Halloween ice cream is the spookiest way to flaunt (I mean, haunt) your sweet tooth this October. Also, that creamy white ghost meringue is quite possibly the cutest thing we have ever set our eyes upon.

All images cr: Four Winters/Facebook

Priced at £6.90 for a cone and £5.95 for a cup, get yours at Four Winters stores from October 20th to 31st, and creep it real. 😉 

Bone Appetit!