This Little Girl Doing Ballet With Her Dogs Is The Prettiest Thing

(the dogs will be the prettiest dogs you’ll see today too)

Like many little girls, Maria Palkina loves ballet. But unlike many little girls, Maria Palkina also has some dogs that love ballet almost just as much. And they practise their dance steps together.

Russian photographer Andrey Seliverstov has captured the young ballerina and her dogs in their element, swinging an elegant arm here and there, and practising those positions.

Seliverstov has been photographing dogs for almost 20 years now, but admits that working with children can often be far more difficult than working with dogs. Who would have thought?

Drawing inspiration from the works of Elena Shumilova and C. Murray, the shots of Maria and her poodles are a beautiful testament to pets and pirouettes. Featuring a white and a brown poodle, as well as a German shepherd, these guys certainly have some moves.

The little ballerina gushes, “It was one of the best photo sessions, Andrey was able to show the two things I couldn’t live without – dancing and dogs.”

All images cr: Andrey Seliverstov/Caters

We almost can’t decide who’s cuter – Maria or her dancing dogs.

h/t: Metro