A London Pizza Festival Is Coming To Town And Each Ticket Comes With Free Slices


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Are you sitting down right now? Could you, could you head to your closet real quick and pick up your eating pants and prepare to wear them for an entire weekend?


Three words: London Pizza Festival.

That’s right – the annual London Pizza Festival is back, now running in it’s fourth year of cheesy goodness and tomato-y deliciousness.

With six top London pizza makers and sellers in attendance, the festival is actually a competition. Each ticket comes with a slice of pizza from each of the said pizza makers, with diners taking their pick as to which is the most scrumptious. At the end, one of the six will be named the ‘Best Pizza in London’, which, tbh, is probably one of the yummiest titles in all the city.

Cr: Young and Foodish/David Young

Held at Borough Market, the London Pizza Festival is a popular savoury bake off event run by Young and Foodish. Founder Daniel Young explains, “From the start, the London Pizza Festival was designed to celebrate great achievement in pizza making and pizza eating… What’s noteworthy about the 2018 lineup is that it features the pizza restaurants of two Michelin-starred chefs, Jason Atheron’s Hai Cenato and Heston Blumenthal’s The Perfectionists’ Cafe. Pizza in London has reached the big time or, rather, the big time has reached pizza.”

I’m not drooling, you are.

Besides award-winning pizza slices, entry to the festival also gets you a beer, water, or cold drink, all whilst you eat and swoon and happily bop your head to the music of DJ Anna Lovell. Battle it out with fellow pizza-lovers whether pineapples belong there (they do IMO), and exchange Instagrams to tag your fellow munchers in your #FoodPorn pics. Besides the freebies, there’ll also be other alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages for sale, as well as a selection of handmade Italian desserts.

Truly, it sounds like a frickin’ fantastic day out.

With tickets priced at £28, head on over to the Young and Foodish website to get yours. Hurry though – the event takes place on Sunday 20th May, with only 800 people capacity.

Something tells us you’re gonna want a pizza this.

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What do you think? Who’s hungry?

h/t: Metro