Meet Luhu, The Sad Kitty That Will Make Your Heart Melt

You wont be able to deal with this face

#SoCute: 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 11/10

If you’re looking for something so impossibly cute it’ll make your heart explode into a million tiny furry fluff ball pieces, here it is.

Meet Luhu. The cat with the eyes that could convert even the toughest of dog persons into a cat cuddler.

Luhu is taking the internet by storm, as people can’t get enough of the kitty with the sweet and sad eyes. Making us wonder what could possibly be making the beautiful feline feel THIS miserable, we’re also feeling this unnerving desire to pick her right up and give her all the loving in the world.

I mean, did her owner get her the wrong can of cat food when she was looking forward to a particular can of cat food all week? Did the sun not shine long enough on her favourite spot to nap? Did the laser she was chasing suddenly disappear never to be seen again even though she was THIS close to finally catching it?

We’ll never know.

But with over 139k followers on Instagram, the adorable kitty that hails from Beijing is certainly making many people around the world wonder. Wonder how it’s possible for one tiny little animal to be SO CUTE.

All images cr: lanlan731/Instagram

BRB, have to go scoop my melted heart off the floor.

Follow Luhu on Instagram and forward to the most cold-hearted person you know. They’ll SOB.

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